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Planet Earth Water provides information on water filtration to educate families wanting safe drinking water throughout their entire home. Filtering the whole house has extreme health benefits for mind, body and soul. Learn more about water filtration here.

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Planet Earth Water – Distillation

Distillation is the process of filtering water that has been turned into a vapor so that its impurities are left behind. Then, by condensing, it is turned back to pure water. In, nature, the sun evaporates water into the air, where it rises and is captured by clouds. With the colder temperatures of the clouds, the evaporated water (steam). Some people also consider installing a whole house water filter to remove contaminants for the water that is traveling throughout the entire house. This is a little bit more in price but assures that all water coming from every faucet, even your refrigerator, is properly filtered and safe to drink and cook with.

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Nadine Berger
Fashion Designer

If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people about water filters, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach are what I love about them.

Pascal Haas

I highly recommend the Planet Earth Water experts. The guys I talked to were very knowledgable about water filtration and how it flows through the whole house.

Robert Berger

We decided to start down the path of whole house water filtration when we had our first baby. We then discovered that the contaminants were bad for the baby’s skin. We immediately started filtering the water.

Carmen Haas

The team at know a TON about water filters. I looked at Aquasana, Pelican, Lifesource, Culligan and finally with their help settled on an AquaOx whole house water filter. Dest decision I ever made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drinking bottled water is harmful for the environment. Pure Steam Distilled Drinking Water, Steam Distilled Ice, Water Dispensers, Indoor Distilled Water filling stations, and an Outdoor 24 hour Distilled Water Vendor is available for those drinking distilled water. 

If you are looking for whole house water filtration, you can trust our entire team to get you the right products to help your whole family.

Distillation is a process by which water is purified and distilled via evaporation and condensation. The water is first evaporated (turned into a steam/vapor via heat) so that it’s impurities are left behind. Then, by condensing (cooling the evaporated water), this vapor is turned back to pure water and captured in a clean reservoir.

In nature, the sun evaporates water into the air, where it rises and is captured by clouds. With the colder temperatures of the clouds, the evaporated water (steam) is condensed back into water and it falls back onto the earth as pure rain water.

With our water distillers, which are made here in Lincoln Nebraska we duplicate this process. In our distiller; water is evaporated, the steam is captured, leaving the impurities (bacteria, metals, lead, etc.) behind. The steam is then condensed and collected, giving us extremely pure water.

A whole house filter sits at the point of entry on your house water line so that all it filters all the water to your entire house – faucets, toilets, showers, baths, kitchen, laundry – dispense treated water. Typically the whole house water filter is connected before it splits into the hot water heater.