Lawn Care is your duty as a homeowner to ensure your lawn is well attended to. You might be having the right equipment, fertilizers, and even chemicals but you find your lawn is not meeting your expectations. Therefore it is high time you check on the water quality that you are using in your lawn according to Lenard’s Lawn Care Service. Apparently, Watering plants is part of lawn care. Every homeowner needs to water plants so that they can grow healthier and stronger. However, there are a lot of discussions on the type of water that can be used.

Most people are used to water plants using water which has been used in cleaning utensils. Therefore it is important to understand that plants are living hence they deserve clean water just like you. Therefore in this article, I will help you understand why water quality is important in watering your lawn. Read on and find out.

Importance of Water Quality for your lawn

Water is an integral component of plant survival. Whether your lawn is made of grass or some glamorous flowers they all require water. Well, water is usually taken by plants through the roots to all parts of the plant. Therefore for any process like transpiration and photosynthesis, all require water. Therefore anytime you are using contaminated water which is impure you are endangering the plants. This is because they take up toxic substances which will make them wilt and eventually die. You will be shocked to wake up in the morning only to find your lawn in a devastating state because you didn’t adhere to water quality.

Additionally, water quality is good for the growth of grass in your lawn. Every homeowner would love to see his lawn growing healthier day by day. This is facilitated by using the right water quality when watering the plants. This contributes to growth because clean water is required for photosynthesis. This allows the plant to make food which facilitates its growth.

Water quality is also a key aspect to adhere to because it is Eco-friendly. You should never forget that your lawn is adjacent to your residence. Therefore if you use polluted water it is likely to find its way back into your water system especially when there is a runoff. Therefore to protect yourself from contracting the disease and that of the plant’s you need to be cautious of water quality. Contaminated water can find its way to your borehole hence contaminating your drinking water which will lead to infections. Therefore you need to ensure you always water your plants using clean water as part of lawn care needs.

Water quality in lawn care is essential in preventing the growth of weeds. Water should be filtered and purified to prevent weed seeds from finding it’s way into your lawn. Most people spray their lawns frequently but they are usually disappointed to see the weeds growing again. This is because you might be neglecting the water quality that you are using in watering your lawn and it has served as an entry point that introduces weeds to your lawn. Therefore always use pure and clean water in your lawn.


Water quality is determined from the processing, transportation, and storage before it is channeled for watering. Therefore is important to ensure you always use clean and pure water which is free from toxic chemicals, sediments, and other impurities when watering your lawn. By doing so you will always have a healthy and attractive lawn.