Did you know?…..

Do you know that 20% of all energy in California is used to move water? By reducing our water consumption, we not only extend the life of our water reserves, we also decrease the stress on the electrical grid. We are all looking for ways to use less water, prevent run-off, improve the health of our water ways, and of […]

How do we control our weed population?

For the most part, the bane of every gardener are those pesky weeds. You take a walk in the garden, admiring the serene surroundings, and out of the corner of your eye, there it is – a two-foot tall imposter trying to blend in, but you know it doesn’t belong! “How in the world?” you ask yourself. Relax, it happens […]

I’ve fixed my irrigation, now what?

You have taken the first step to reducing your water use and improving water quality by adjusting your irrigation and making repairs as necessary. Now it’s time to create a garden that is low-impact. A low-impact garden will use less water, minimize run-off, reduce potential water pollutants, decrease green waste, decrease energy consumption and air pollution. So what can we […]

OCCANGC Plant Auction and Chili Cook-Off

Support our local nurseryman, the UC Master Gardeners – Orange County, UC 4-H – Orange County, and other local charities, by attending the 23rd Annual Charity Plant Auction and Chili Cook-Off. For more event information, download the attached file below. [Read More …] Plant Earth Water

Persimmon Taste Test Event

Interested in the delectable fruits of fall? Check out the UC ANR South Coast Persimmon Tasting on November 22, 2013. Click here for more information…. [Read More …] Plant Earth Water

UC ANR South Coast REC Open House – Did the wind chase you off? Mark your calendar for next year!

Once again, despite the heat and wind, the South Coast Research and Extension Center opened its doors for the 5th Annual UC ANR Residential Landscape Gardening Open House and Vendor Fair greeting over 625 visitors to the public for a day of presentations, informational booths, demonstrations, and self-guided or docent-led tours of its unique demonstration landscapes and orchard. Of main […]

UC ANR South Coast REC Persimmon Taste Testing 2013

Persimmon Taste Testing` The South Coast Research and Extension Center opened it gates to invited guests, the California Rare Fruit Growers Association and the UCCE Master Gardeners on Friday, November 22, 2013. Attendees were treated to the annual persimmon taste testing to be held at the South Coast REC in Irvine. Of the approximately (59) guests, 57 participated in a […]

It’s Time to Adjust Your Irrigation Controller

Did you know? While landscape plants are quite thirsty during the long days and warm nights of summer; the shorter days and cooler nights of fall and winter call for an irrigation reduction of nearly 50% for most all plants. Water not being used by the landscape planting, or draining properly through the soil, increases the potential for harmful diseases […]

OC Garden Friendly Events

Looking to learn how you can save $$$ money with a few minor changes around your landscape? Not sure what plant varieties can be added to your landscape that will use less water? Irrigation troubles got you down? Join us at one these exciting OC Garden Friendly events being held at a local Home Depot near you:… [Read More …] […]