Do you love native plants? Read on…

The CNPS Conservation Conference to be held January 10-14, 2012 (next week!) in San Diego, promises to be a great opportunity for botanists, horticulturists, native plant enthusiasts, and the general public to discuss a very important topic:  Conservation of native plants.  This is a major event for CNPS and it is a real privilege for us all, here in sunny […]

Free Event – Cherimoya Taste Testing

Have you ever seen those funny looking green, pear-shaped fruit that look like it has scales at the grocery store? You didn’t know whether to be intrigued and give it a try, or were just too frightened? Well, join us for the first annual taste testing at the South Coast Research and Extension Center and sample the custard like texture […]

Reduce Your Water Bill

With water rates on the rise, one of the easiest and cheapest things you can do to reduce your water bill is to ensure that your irrigation system is working properly. Use the seasonal checklist below as a guideline to performing routine maintenance on your system. Once you know everything is good to go, sit back and enjoy your savings. […]

CANGC Plant Auction

Looking for a great deal on plants? “Of course!” you say. Well, I have the perfect evening for you. Come and experience the excitement of live auction bidding for the terrific products donated by the Southern California Nursery Industry and silent auction bidding at the 22nd Annual Charity Plant Auction and Chili Cook-Off hosted by The California Association of Nurserymen […]

Fire Season Is Here – Is Your Landscape Safe?

October in Southern California is notorious for Santa Ana winds that spark dangerous, and costly wildfires. All too often we hear on the news how the flames have broken the fire line and raced into a suburban setting endangering homes and human life. Hopefully, you haven’t had to experience this type of devastation, or know someone that has. Using fire […]

Spread the Word – It’s FREE

SPREAD THE WORD – IT’S FREE! As we come into the holiday season and pull out those treasured decorations, maybe you have come across one of those old, hidden bags or containers of harmful pesticides such as Diazinon or Dursban? Not sure what to do now that you found them? To dispose of these and other hazardous products, you may […]

New Year’s Resolutions (re-posted from 2011)

Sometimes there are things that just bear repeating. Personally, I think the tips listed can’t be said enough…. The holidays are here and regardless of how you may choose to celebrate, there is one thing that we all have in common: the New Year’s resolution. As the New Year approaches, we begin reflecting on all of those nasty little habits […]

Did you know?…..

Do you know that 20% of all energy in California is used to move water? By reducing our water consumption, we not only extend the life of our water reserves, we also decrease the stress on the electrical grid. We are all looking for ways to use less water, prevent run-off, improve the health of our water ways, and of […]